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E-Cigarette 7 Cartridge Pack

Goodbye yellow teeth, so long bad breath! The Health E-Cigarette makes these problems of the past, providing users with smoking in its purest form, without the worry of carbon monoxide or other dangerous effects. The ideal cigarette for smoking connoisseurs, the Health E-Cigarette brings pure enjoyment back to the smoking experience.

The package includes:
1 Health E-Cigarette
7 cartridges
1 battery
1 atomizer
1 USB charger
1 Manual in English

Product Description:
1 cigarette lasts for approximately 100 inhales
1 fully charged battery lasts for approximately 200 inhales
Each cartridge is the equivalent to approximately 7 tobacco cigarettes
Battery life: 380 recharges
Charging time: 1.5 to 2 hours
Storage temperature: -5C to 42C
Charging voltage: 4.2v to 8vto 8v

E-Cigarette 7 Cartridges Pack

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