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E-Cigarette Cartridges USB Pack

The Health E-Cigarette looks and tastes even better than a traditional cigarette, and it is ash and tar-free - which means you can enjoy your smoke anywhere, anytime - indoors or out! Forget about yellow teeth and bad breath - with the e-cigarette the pleasure of the smoke is yours, in its purest form, without the worry of carbon monoxide or other dangerous effects. The ideal cigarette for smoking connoisseurs, the Health E-Cigarette brings pure enjoyment back to the smoking experience.

The package includes:
1 Health E-cigarette
1 battery
1 atomizer
10 cartridges
1 USB charger
1 car charger
1 wall charger
1 Manual in English
1 Gift box

Product Description:
1 cigarette lasts for approximately 100 inhales
1 fully charged battery lasts for approximately 200 inhales
Each cartridge is the equivalent to approximately 7 tobacco cigarettes
Battery life: 380 recharges
Charging time: 1.5 to 2 hours
Storage temperature: -5C to 42C
Charging voltage: 4.2v to 8v


E-Cigarette Cartridges USB Pack

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