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What are Duty-Free cigarettes?

Shopping "duty-free" means not paying state tax, federal tax and excise tax. This means you can buy your favorite brand cigarettes at only a fraction of the retail cost! Taxes are not included in prices because duty-free cigarettes are shipped from authorized duty-free, bonded warehouses to all over the world. Destination tax regulations are completely different from one country to another and tobacco products are shipped to more than a hundred different countries.

Are the cigarettes you sell the same quality that I can buy in my local convenience store?

At Online Tobacco we only offer original tobacco products made in U.S, UK, Switzerland and France by world leading cigarette manufacturers. Our products are genuine and very affordable and are not manufactured in Ukraine, Indonesia, Egypt, China, Singapore and the like. All the products on our website are bought directly from the manufacturers, and are, therefore, of the highest quality, taste and freshness available online today. All cigarette packs and cartons are properly marked and labeled by the corresponding tobacco companies.

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

No. The quantity of cigarettes that can be purchased at Online Tobacco is left to the discretion of customers who must be aware of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur.

How can Online Tobacco offer such low prices?

The reason you can buy your favorite cigarettes for a lower price is that Online Tobacco doesn't pay for branding, marketing, advertising or a costly sales force or overhead. All Online Tobacco tobacco products are made by their respective manufacturers, and are exactly the same as what is available at your local convenience store.

Is this legal?

Yes, as long as the purchase is made in accordance with international postal regulations and standards. Online Tobacco complies with all international trade and postal regulations. In addition, you must be at least 18-21 years of age (in some states 19) to order tobacco products from Online Tobacco .

Do I have to pay a fee to join Online Tobacco?

No. The access to our site is free and you need not pay a fee to browse or to make your purchases.

What shipping method do you use?

We ship orders by Registered Airmail. A signature is required upon delivery.

When can I expect to receive my order?

Please allow approximately 12 to 18 business days for shipping. Business days do not include holidays and weekends. Shipping times may vary depending on your location.

I ordered 2 cartons, but received only one?

To guarantee delivery, we split orders into separate parcels. It can take up to 10 days after the first carton is received to receive a full order of more than one carton.

Why can't you send me a single parcel containing more cartons?

Because it would be subject to duty since the width and value would not fall within the prescribed international parameters.

What information is written on the parcel?

Your address. Our address. Description of the contents, for the Postal Authorities.

How can I find out my order status?

After you've placed your order at Online Tobacco you will be notified by e-mail when we approve your order. For more information about your order or shipment status, click here.

In the event that I'm asked to pay duties, may I refuse the package for a refund?

In case of request for duty tax, you can:
* pay duty tax and collect the parcel;
* reject the parcel and return to sender.
Upon receipt of the returned package, we will credit you the full value of the packages we receive.

Will I receive a refund or have my order replaced if the parcel is lost, stolen or damaged?

Our Refund Policy:

Refunds will be issued when a customer did not receive their order and chooses a refund instead of reshipment. If for any reason your package did not arrive we will issue a refund OR reship your order.